Rev. Judith L. Guasch, M.Div.

 Marriage Officiants

Personalized and FUN ceremonies for all couples in love!  Large and fancy, or small and intimate, Rev. Judith can help you create the couple-centered ceremony that you’ve always dreamed of, making the two of you the focus of the ceremony!  Rev. Judith offers several different packages to suit most couples.

“But my friend wants to get ordained and do the ceremony so it will be personal.”
DON’T DO IT!!  The ceremony is the only LEGAL piece of the day.  Just because I can read a book on how to fix your brakes, doesn’t mean I should crawl under your car and mess with something so important.  Besides, let your friends ENJOY your day, not stress about doing the most important part of your day.

A good professional like Rev. Judith takes the TIME to get to know you and what’s important to you, and WRITE a ceremony that reflects all of that.  They know how to DELIVER that in a public setting so that both you and your guests enjoy the ceremony, and most of all, they COMPLETE the legal paperwork at the end of the day.  But almost as important as all that is, a good professional knows how to work with the other professionals you’ve hired for your wedding day.  They know how to fix, adapt or roll with the different things which can and DO happen at weddings, from lost or forgotten rings, to fainting bridal party members, to any number of things that go wrong.

Don’t trust the most important part of your day to a hack, or force it on a friend or family member.  Make your ceremony personal, fun and professional.

Serving Central and S. Central PA since 1999!

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