May 30, 2018
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Know Your Body Shape To Design Your Wedding Dress

When it comes to buying that perfect wedding dress, every bride has nightmares about what suits her versus that fairy tale dress she has been dreaming about since she was a little girl. Unfortunately we all have to grow up and womanhood takes us to those horrible doubts about our figures, looks and image. Keep in mind that every woman is beautiful and all we need to do is accentuate what we have in a positive light. Your wedding dress is possibly the only dress in your life that will be made to your specific body, so be fussy and demanding about what you want. Also remember that your weight will change whilst planning your wedding, so get your dress maker to arrange a final fitting at least 2 weeks before the planned day.

The four basic body shapes are:

Try and work around your body shape for the best fit and to show off your assets. Trying on different shapes and styles that you had no intention of even considering just might surprise you, so go mad and have fun with some friends at your dress fitting.

Dress lines:


This is the most traditional gown shape for wedding dresses and almost suites any shape, however if you are really petite it might overpower your total look. We should be looking at your beautiful face, not only the gown.

Simplicity is the sheaths middle name suiting slim brides with a straight shape. Hour glass and petite brides can also get away with this shape if you define the waist.

Two styles of fitted gowns that show off all your curves (also know the mermaid). The fishtail is fitted all the way down to the knee and then flares which can restrict movement. The trumpet is similar to the fishtail but the flare starts at the thigh, much easier to move in. For an hourglass figure this shape can be pulled off easily.

Pear shaped and large breasted woman should pay attention to this shape as it balances out a large chest and can disguise large hips. Giving it extra length can add a touch of romance to the gown.

The empire gown elongates the body as the line sits just below the bust.  Drawing the eye to the bust it hides the tummy and is good for shorter brides with a smaller bust.

There is no harm in taking basic designs and asking for something different or meshing many different facets into your dress. If a dress is not up your alley, a beautifully shaped suit, sarong or kaftan could be the “dress” for you, we even getting married in diving gear these days. Don’t you just love the fact that it is your personal choice?

When you have decided on your shape dress for your body, you then have to consider the neckline, material, your veil, shoes, colour and jewellery.  You can get bogged down with so many choices, so take it easy and your wedding dress will come out just as you want it.

One rule you MUST follow: Sit, dance and go to the ladies bathroom to make sure you are comfortable and that the dress is functional, we want you to enjoy your day as well.

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